White water rafting is conducted in barapole .South Coorg. Our white water rafting adventures launch on high performance white water rafting equipment. Our expertise will give you the most rewarding and fun rafting Experience. We have white water rafting and rope activity

Rafting - 4. Km of river rafting ( 90 min) including briefing.

Rope activity - zip line, Hipe zipe, loop walk, Burma bucket, River crossing.
Rs 200 for each rope activity.

First package:

• Break fast | • Homestay Accomadation | • White Water Rafting |  • Dinner( veg and non veg).

Rs : 2700/person

Second package:

• Break fast | • Homestay Accomadation | • White Water Rafting | • Rope activity |  • Dinner( veg and non veg).

Rs : 3700/person