KODAGU as the name describes land surrounded by the Majestic Western Ghats well known for its coffee, tradition and its people.A diverse culture with its popular cultural heritage and mesmerizing scenic view, Kodagu is every poet’s fantasy and a travellers yearn.

Exclaimed for its evergreen flora and fauna, Kodagu is called as the Kashmir of Karnataka and the Scotland of India.With a population around 548,561,the land in Ghats is situated 260kms away from Bangalore.


For some,Kodavas are descendants of the warrior Kshatriyas where few believe Kodavaorigin from Aryans and Babylonians.Read more


Coorg Attire

Kodavas attire is not just unique but also pleasing in appearance and highly representative of their land, customs and traditions. Read more



‘Namme‘, Kodavas celebrate their festival based on the pattern of Kodava calendar which is different and vivid from other Hindu festivals.Read more


Hockey festival in Coorg

Coorg is considered as a land of Hockey. More than 50 Coorgs has represented Indian Hockey team. A Hockey Festival is held in Read more




Also known as steamed rice dumpling,

Pandi Curry

The Kodava people love their pork and the delicious pandhi curry will leave you wanting more.

Bamboo shoot curry

Cooked in mustard, red chillies and ground coconut, the dish is mostly served with rice and rice rotti.


Rice cake topped with fresh cocunut


Sweet cake Prepared from jackfruit

Rice Rotti
Kummu Curry
Nuputtu( Rice Vermaselli) and Chicken Curry
Raw Jackfruit Palya
Banana Flower Palya
Therme Thopupalya
Jackfruit Bean Chattni

Made out of banana and friend rice powder with cinnamon